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Strenght for Today

Wednesday, 21st August 2019
1 Pet. 5:6-11
He cares for you. 1 Pet. 5:7

When you encounter challenging situatons in life, academics, business, and marriage or in any relatonship, other people can and may help you cope with them, but untl you learn to cope as an individual, you may not be able to reach the highest level that God wants you to atain. The reward for coping well with situatons is usually promoton and progress.

When Joseph was sold as a slave into Egypt, he coped well in Potphar’s house and also in the prison. From there, God took him to the palace and he coped very well. Your current problem may be lack of sufcient funds, a difcult course in school, marital turbulence, or delay in getng a partner or child. God sees what you are experiencing. Certainly you are not the frst person to be in that situaton, neither would you be the last. If others can cope and have been coping, then you can also. Resist Satan’s suggeston for you to give up. Stand frm against him, and be strong in your faith. Remember that your Christan brothers and sisters all over the world are going through the same kind of suffering you are (v. 9 NLT).

Prayer: Father, enlarge my capacity to bring life’s challenges under control. Give me divine strategies to cope positvely with any contrary situaton that may be confrontng me. Help me to be stronger in my faith.

Confession: I am surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses – pioneers who blazed the way and veterans cheering me on. I will run the race set before me with perseverance, keeping my eyes on Jesus. I stand frm against Satan and all his devices. I am strong in my faith, giving glory to God.

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