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Making a Difference Quotes

There is no greater reward than working from your heart and making a difference in the world for life isn’t about INCOME but IMPACT. Not about what I have in store but what I deposit in people. Not about what I intend to be but of what I intend to help others become. The way of the difference makers is not to keep it, but to give it away to those who will use and eternally value it.


Friday, 19th April 2019
2 Cor. 8:1-8
As you abound in everything—in faith, in speech…[ 2 Cor. 8:7 ]
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  • 17th NOV

    28th all rhema chapel intercessors' congress DATE: 15th - 17th November THEME: Making a difference through intercession Time: 5:00 PM

  • 25th NOV

    Annual International Convention DATE: 25th November - 2nd December THEME: The Anointing Makes The Difference Time: 6:00 PM

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